The arrival of a baby heralds cheer and joy for its loved ones. People shower the baby with gifts and other products essential for proper care. However, gifting baby hamper kits filled with branded artificial cosmetics like powder, soaps, etc., has become very common. Some of them might even be toxic for a baby. How about you take a break from the bandwagon and gift organic baby care products? They are made from natural ingredients and are free from any side effects. In addition, they make sure that a baby receives the perfect components for healthy growth and development.

Four organic ways for baby care:

1. Nursery aromatherapy

Babies have trouble sleeping during the initial phases. Nursery aromatherapy involves the use of natural oils, which are specifically designed to induce your child into a calm, comfortable and relaxed sleep. Essential oils include lavender, chamomile, rose, etc. They are also useful to help adults relax after a tiring day of baby care. The fragrance emitted by aromatherapy used in nurseries is both soothing as well as uplifting.

2. Massage Oils

Instead of opting for modern bathing oils that may be filled with toxic materials and chemicals that are not suitable for the tender baby skin, choose age-old Ayurvedic options. Massage oils, which have their base in Ayurvedic composition not just protect your tender one’s skin, but also contain healing properties. Ayurvedic oils are made from powerful natural herbs which are well documented and researched in Ayurvedic literature. Massage oils not only function as nourishing the hair scalp and promoting hair growth but also has a cooling effect on the babies mind and body. Make sure you purchase your baby products from a trusted baby care products supplier.

3. Aroma diffusers

Traditional methods for spreading soothing aroma include lighting agarbattis and incenses. However, smoke and risk of fire are some of their unwanted byproducts. A healthy alternative is to use an electric diffuser that uses the power of electricity to spread uplifting aroma around. They even make attractive gifting options. They have a simple working mechanism wherein you just need to add aromatic oils and water to the base inside a diffuser and the heat generated by electric power will spread the aroma around. There is no need for supervision of an aroma diffuser as there is virtually no risk of them setting off fires or smoke.

4. Green baby care kits

Switch over to green baby care kits instead of inorganic packages. Such kits include every organic baby care material, material like soap, oils, creams etc., in a convenient manner. Instead of buying separate units, it makes great sense in purchasing baby care products that have each and everything you need for raising a baby.

The above four organic ways for baby care ensure that your child becomes one with nature from an early age. Give him/her a healthy head start by switching over to organic lifestyle now!