Adoption vs Abortion

The number of unplanned pregnancies never goes down, even with the current awareness programs and medical advancements there is still an incredibly high ratio of unexpected pregnancies as compared to planned pregnancies. This is even more common in young and single people. The biggest question that still raises many debates to this day is: What to do in the event of an unexpected pregnancy? To abort or give up for adoption? A lot has been said about the two options; statistics in the US show that many teenagers who fall pregnant choose abortion over adoption. At the same time, the number of deaths and fertility issues that result from abortions is still at alarming levels. There are many pros and cons of each option, therefore, it is important for one to know all the facts before deciding on what to do with their unexpected pregnancy.

Understanding Adoption and Abortion


Adoption involves carrying a pregnancy to term and giving birth to a baby so it can be given to someone else to raise as their own. There is an adoption procedure in place, with rules and regulations depending on the country and state; these serve as guidelines to ensure that the baby is given to deserving parents with a proper home. There are also rules for both the birth mother and the adopting parents. When all procedures are followed, the baby is given to adoptive parents that are capable to raise and love the child as their own.


Abortion involves intentional termination of a pregnancy either surgically or medically depending on the length of the pregnancy. According to study results released by Guttmacher Institute, 40% of pregnancies end in abortion, of the pregnancies that end in abortion 70% of the women have negative feelings about the abortion.

Why adoption is better than abortion

Adoption has many benefits to the child, adopting parents and the parents that are giving away the child for adoption. Many children who are given up for adoption tend to grow up in a good home filled with love and care. Because of the adoption protocols, the adopting parents are well screened to ensure that they are fitting parents to raise an adopted child.

Most adopting parents are usually couples that are having fertility issues and as such adopting a child affords them the joy and privilege of parenthood. Even though they are not biological parents, they develop the same love and care for the child as if it were their own.

For the birth mother, adoption allows her to be in control of her child’s destiny. Together with the adoption agency, they choose the family who will raise and care for her child. Depending on the rules of adoption, the birth mother can arrange some level of contact with the adopting parents and remain a part of the child’s life even though she is not the parent. For teenage birth mothers, it allows them to continue their lives, finish school and go after their goals all the time knowing that the baby is cared for by equally loving parents.

Abortion on the other hand gives the pregnant mother a clean slate to continue her life and achieve their goals. She does not have a child somewhere out there to worry about or feel attached to, she can simply move on and focus on herself and the life she desires. Possible financial issues and other problems that come with having an unexpected baby are completely avoided. However, it does present with a lot of negative factors, especially in the ethical and religious communities. The backlash and psychological effects of abortion can affect a woman’s life for a really long time. There are also medical risks that come with abortion depending on the methods used and the time of pregnancy.

The bottom line

The major advantage with adoption as compared to abortion is that there are some high-quality adoption agencies that act in the best interests of all three concerned parties: the baby, birth mother and adopting parents. These agencies follow carefully thought out protocols to match a birth mother and adopting parents according to their needs and values. For more information on adoption protocols for both the birth mother and adopting parents you can contact:

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