Are You Expecting?

One of the most beautiful gifts of being a woman, is to be able to, create life. Create some new little human, that is part of you, and those before you. This pure little soul will learn from their and those in their surroundings with loving, and trusting eyes. Trusting you, to make all of the best decisions for their new amazing life, out of love.

This gift, all women, of any age that find out that they are expecting, will have their own reaction. Reactions can vary, in a wide range of extreme emotions, whether they excited or devastated. Following the initial shock, most all, women are flooded with stress. If you are married, the stress is real but you have the assurance, that you have someone who will be there with you and by your side. That significant other be able to help support you, and your new family.

With this same gift, if you are single, it normally becomes a complex, and completely different. The stress normally becomes overwhelming, which can cause depression, anxiety, fear, and panic. Even with family members and close friends, it will never be the same as having someone, by your side, which can at times become painful and lonely.

Each single woman’s, unexpected pregnancy, have commonalities. May it be your age, financially unstable, you have a solid career and are not ready to leave it. You could be in college preparing for your adulthood, intentional pregnancy with a negative result, physically incapable of caring for the child or from a negative situation altogether. But if you didn’t plan for it, it can literally throw your life into a spiral of sorrow, pain, struggle and no hope. Don’t worry you have options, you are not alone.

The first step as an expecting parent is, too look at your current situation and prepare to make some hard decisions, but remember that you are not alone, we are professional and discrete. With the resources and services that we provide, we can help you feel, calm and bring clarity to the most important decision in you and your unborn child’s life.

There are some many women, and couples, who have not been blessed with the gift of bringing a child into their family. What these women and couples have been blessed with is such a very strong maternal and paternal instinct to love, care, support, a child and love as their own.

As you have been struggling, they have also struggled. With either gift, they turn to adoption, knowing that they can’t do it alone, they come to us with tears in their eyes. To help them find a little pure soul of their own to adopt. Our goal is to bring the right families together, you the beautiful gift giver, give something so wonderful and cherished to another, who is now fortunate to receive your gift of a child through adoption.

Your gift will now be provided a home. A home full of love, laughter, trust and opportunities.